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WHYY Interviews Skip Palenik on the Role of Hair Evidence

WHYY, Philadelphia's National Public Radio affiliate, broadcast an interview with Microtrace founder Skip Palenik on the role of hair evidence in forensic investigations- both its usefulness and its limitations. "You can certainly tell a lot from hairs," Skip noted, but some laboratories "have developed overconfidence in what you can tell from hairs." Read More

The Votes have been Counted, and the Results are in…

Microtrace's Kelly Brinsko Beckert has been elected the next president of the American Society of Trace Evidence Examiners (ASTEE). Beckert will oversee the Society's operations in 2017. ASTEE publishes a peer-reviewed open access journal (Journal of the American Society of Trace Evidence Examiners) and a regular newsletter. The Society also hosts networking receptions at professional meetings, sponsors free training workshops for members, and stimulates research into new ideas by offering scholarships to promising students in the field of trace evidence. Read More

Kelly Brinsko Beckert Joins Microtrace Staff

Microtrace is proud to announce that on November 1st, microscopist Kelly Brinsko Beckert joined the Microtrace staff. Prior to joining Microtrace, Beckert served for ten years as a research microscopist and instructor at McCrone Research Institute in Chicago, where she taught courses in polarized light microscopy and conducted research on various forensic science topics, including the development of microcrystal tests for illicit drugs and the characterization of fibers subject to environmental degradation. Read More

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Chris Palenik Invited to Speak at INTERPOL on Counterfeiting

Chris Palenik has been invited to speak at the upcoming INTERPOL Forensic Science Managers Symposium from October 11-13, 2016. Chris will speak on "Supplementing Counterfeiting Investigations with Scientific Analysis." Read More

Jason Beckert Speaks at Cook County Public Defender’s Seminar

Last Wednesday, 31 August 2016, Microtrace scientist Jason Beckert spoke to an assemblage of public defense attorneys at the tenth annual conference, "Indigent Defense: Three Days in a Nutshell," in Oakbrook, Illinois. Jason spoke on "Exploring the Applications and Limitations of Trace Evidence Analysis with an Emphasis on Microscopical Hair Comparisons and Gun Shot Residue Analysis." Read More

Skip Palenik Invited Guest of Honor at Latvia ENFSI meeting

The European Network of Forensic Science Institutes European Paint and Glass Working Group has invited Microtrace founder Skip Palenik to be the guest of honor at its 22nd annual meeting in Riga, Latvia. Skip has been invited to offer two presentations at the meeting. He will speak on "Some Lesser Known Aspects of Forensic Paint Examinations," and "A Microanalytical Approach to Forensic Glass Analysis." Read More

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