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Microtrace Job Opening- Microanalytical Chemist

Microtrace is seeking an experienced chemist who is interested in applying his/her knowledge, experience, and creativity to the solution of industrial and forensic problems. Read More

What in the (Microscopical) World?

Without the scale bar, you might think this was a photograph of the newest fruity pebble cereal being marketed to young children during Saturday morning cartoons. It isn’t. The presence of the scale bars attests to the fact that it is an altogether different, and perhaps more interesting subject. These particles were collected from the interior of a color laser printer. Read More

Mislabeled Products: Tattoo Inks

Do the contents of a product actually match its label? Does a formulation contain undeclared ingredients? In one instance, tattoo inks were submitted to Microtrace for characterization of their pigment composition. Confocal Raman spectroscopy assisted by microscopical observations helped to identify the pigments in these inks. Read More

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Recent Publications

Chris Palenik Featured in Cover Story for The Analytical Scientist

This month's issue of The Analytical Scientist features Chris Palenik of Microtrace in its cover story "Forensic Myths and Methods." Chris explores the important and often overlooked scientific application of creativity in the laboratory, which increasingly runs counter to the standardization and rigid protocols of many service laboratories. Read More

SCIX 2015 invites Chris Palenik to give keynote lecture

SciX (The Great Scientific Exchange) has invited Chris Palenik to be the keynote speaker for its 2015 conference. On September 28 Chris will talk on "Forensic Microscopy and the Lost Art of Observation." Read More

Trace evidence symposium webcast to show Microtrace talks.

Presentations from the Impression Pattern and Trace Evidence Symposium will be streamed live via webcast to the public for free. Registration is required. Read More

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