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Condoms and Lubricants

Intercourse paraphernalia, such as condoms and lubricants, can be the subject of criminal or product tampering/contamination cases. Utilizing our diverse collection of analytical techniques, including light microscopy, infrared microspectroscopy, and GC-MS, Microtrace is uniquely equipped to analyze such samples. Read More

Eclipse glasses: How are they made?

With the total solar eclipse passing just south of Chicago, all of us at Microtrace were surprised to find that the eclipse could be seen through even a decent layer of clouds - with glasses. We started to wonder about the construction of a pair of disposable eclipse glasses and how they were made, but a quick search on the internet showed that there isn't a whole lot of information. Read More

X-Ray Imaging (Radiography)

Microtrace's portable x-ray imaging system is a versatile instrument that allows our scientists to scan samples of any size quickly for hidden contaminants. This instrument can assist in a wide-range of analyses from art and antiquity authentication to product contamination in manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and food industries, and even to forensic cases. Read More

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Skip Palenik Guides MAFS Workshop to Uncover “What’s in that Dust?”

On September 20th, Skip Palenik presented a full day workshop ("What's in that dust?") at the Midwestern Association of Forensic Scientists' Annual Meeting in Cincinnati, OH. Skip guided attendees through a practical introduction to the identification and contextualization of dust components by microscopy and microchemistry. Beginning with lecture-demonstrations and moving quickly to practical laboratory sessions, students learned techniques to support every aspect of a dust investigation from collection and analysis to interpretation. Read More

See Breadth of Microtrace at Inter/Micro 2017

This week, microscopists from around the world gathered in Chicago for Inter/Micro 2017- the premier international microscopy conference. Seven Microtrace scientists presented papers during the symposium. Read More

Skip Palenik to Lead Workshop on Trace Evidence in Animal Abuse Cases

On Monday, May 15th, Microtrace founder Skip Palenik will lead a one-day workshop on the role of trace evidence in the investigation and prosecution of animal abuse casework. Read More

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