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Flashback: First Committee on Forensic Hair Comparison in the U.S.

A recent article on microscopical hair examinations in current forensic science practice includes a photograph of the first committee on forensic hair comparison in the U.S., taken in the basement of the FBI Academy at Quantico in May of 1983. Read More

Silky Smooth Chocolate

A confectionery was receiving recurring complaints of mold in one of their products. Microtrace was asked to investigate the complaints and identify the foreign material. Read More

Keyence 3D Microscope Added to Microtrace’s Analytical Capabilities

Microtrace recently added the Keyence VHX 3-dimensional digital microscope to its analytical capabilities. This new microscope incorporates three-dimensional image capture, image stitching, and quantification capabilities to capture details and produce images not attainable by traditional optical microscopy. Read More

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Recent Publications

Article: RI Variation Within Container Glass

This quarter's issue of The Microscope (V. 64, Second Quarter) features an article co-authored by Microtrace microscopist Joseph Insana and Patrick Buzzini of Sam Houston State University. In the article, entitled "The Differences Between Refractive Index Measurements of the External Surface and Bulk Area of Container Glass," the authors demonstrate that in some cases, the refractive index of glass (a prime optical characteristic used for distinguishing one glass from another) is not uniform, but instead shows differences depending upon the sampling area. Read More

National Commission on Forensic Science Invites Chris Palenik to Speak

Microtrace Senior Research Microscopist Chris Palenik was invited to address the National Commission on Forensic Science (NCFS) on Monday in a session entitled "Scientific Foundations." Chris spoke on the scientific basis of trace evidence analysis and other non-routine forensic analyses, as well as the impact that recent reforms and popularized news have upon such analyses, including standardization, quality control, uniform reporting requirements, recent criticism of FBI hair analysis, and the Presidential Council on Science and Technology (PCAST) report. The conference was held at the Department of Justice Programs Building in Washington, DC on January 9-10, 2017. Read More

Chris Palenik Invited to Speak at INTERPOL on Counterfeiting

Chris Palenik has been invited to speak at the upcoming INTERPOL Forensic Science Managers Symposium from October 11-13, 2016. Chris will speak on "Supplementing Counterfeiting Investigations with Scientific Analysis." Read More

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