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New Forensic Chemistry Book Features Chapter by Chris Palenik

Microtrace senior research microscopist Chris Palenik contributed a chapter on Forensic Microscopy to Jay A. Siegel's recently published book on Forensic Chemistry. Read More

Microtrace Job Opening- Microanalytical Chemist

Microtrace is seeking an experienced chemist who is interested in applying his/her knowledge, experience, and creativity to the solution of industrial and forensic problems. Read More

American Laboratory Features Microtrace Scientist’s Photomicrograph

The cover of this month's American Laboratory magazine features a photomicrograph taken by Microtrace scientist Katie White. Read More

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Recent Publications

SCIX 2015 invites Chris Palenik to give keynote lecture

SciX (The Great Scientific Exchange) has invited Chris Palenik to be the keynote speaker for its 2015 conference. On September 28 Chris will talk on "Forensic Microscopy and the Lost Art of Observation." Read More

Trace evidence symposium webcast to show Microtrace talks.

Presentations from the Impression Pattern and Trace Evidence Symposium will be streamed live via webcast to the public for free. Registration is required. Read More

Surrounded by Spheres: Microspheres and Nanospheres in the World Around Us

We live on a sphere. We play games with spheres. We eat spheres. We breathe spheres. From the immensity of astronomy to the minutia of microscopy, spheres are so prevalent, they can be found at every observable scale in the universe. Read More

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