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Beyond Reasonable Doubt Looks at Microtrace’s Role in Solving the Green River Murders

This Friday, June 2nd at 9PM ET/PT, CNN Headline News will broadcast the series premiere of Beyond Reasonable Doubt- a series which looks at cases that were ultimately solved by advances in forensic science. Microtrace founder Skip Palenik will discuss Microtrace's pivotal role in solving the Green River Murders. Read More

Tooth and Bone Contamination

Tooth and bone are common foreign matter complaints made by consumers in forensic food investigations. Bone occasionally ends up in meat-based products; tooth fragments, fillings, and implants can be broken or dislodged by the process of eating. Our forensic food analyses quickly provide factual information that can help a manufacturer, restaurant, supplier, consumer, or insurance company arrive at a resolution. Read More

Chris Palenik Discusses Investigation into Child’s Disappearance

Last week, senior research microscopist Chris Palenik was interviewed about Microtrace's investigation into the 2011 abduction of 6-year-old Timmothy Pitzen. Microtrace was tasked with analyzing and tracing key evidence in the investigation- soil and gravel found under the SUV of Timmothy's mother, which she likely used when the child went missing. Read More

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See Breadth of Microtrace at Inter/Micro 2017

This week, microscopists¬†from around the world gathered in Chicago¬†for Inter/Micro 2017- the premier international microscopy conference. Seven Microtrace scientists presented papers during the symposium. Read More

Skip Palenik to Lead Workshop on Trace Evidence in Animal Abuse Cases

On Monday, May 15th, Microtrace founder Skip Palenik will lead a one-day workshop on the role of trace evidence in the investigation and prosecution of animal abuse casework. Read More

Skip Palenik Interviewed on FBI Mishandling of Hair Evidence

The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism recently published a nationally syndicated article covering the FBI's much-publicized mishandling of hair evidence in the 1980s and 1990. The article features an interview with Microtrace founder Skip Palenik on the FBI's treatment of hair evidence, as well as the uses and limitations of hair comparison and analysis. Read More

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