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Identification of Organic Particles

Minute amounts of organic contaminants can be extremely difficult to classify. At Microtrace, we utilize a combination of chemical and optical properties to characterize, constrain, and identify microscopic particles both organic and inorganic. While no single method is applicable to every sample, particularly when working with mixtures or a complex sample matrix, a suite of microchemical methods, combined with precise sample preparation and experienced interpretation, can provide a wealth of information from unknown organic particles less than 10 micrometers in size. Read More

What in the (Microscopical) World?

Without the scale bar, you might think this was a photograph of the newest fruity pebble cereal being marketed to young children during Saturday morning cartoons. It isn’t. The presence of the scale bars attests to the fact that it is an altogether different, and perhaps more interesting subject. These particles were collected from the interior of a color laser printer. Read More

Mislabeled Products: Tattoo Inks

Do the contents of a product actually match its label? Does a formulation contain undeclared ingredients? In one instance, tattoo inks were submitted to Microtrace for characterization of their pigment composition. Confocal Raman spectroscopy assisted by microscopical observations helped to identify the pigments in these inks. Read More

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Recent Publications

Chris Palenik Invited to Speak at INTERPOL on Counterfeiting

Chris Palenik has been invited to speak at the upcoming INTERPOL Forensic Science Managers Symposium from October 11-13, 2016. Chris will speak on "Supplementing Counterfeiting Investigations with Scientific Analysis." Read More

Jason Beckert Speaks at Cook County Public Defender’s Seminar

Last Wednesday, 31 August 2016, Microtrace scientist Jason Beckert spoke to an assemblage of public defense attorneys at the tenth annual conference, "Indigent Defense: Three Days in a Nutshell," in Oakbrook, Illinois. Jason spoke on "Exploring the Applications and Limitations of Trace Evidence Analysis with an Emphasis on Microscopical Hair Comparisons and Gun Shot Residue Analysis." Read More

Skip Palenik Invited Guest of Honor at Latvia ENFSI meeting

The European Network of Forensic Science Institutes European Paint and Glass Working Group has invited Microtrace founder Skip Palenik to be the guest of honor at its 22nd annual meeting in Riga, Latvia. Skip has been invited to offer two presentations at the meeting. He will speak on "Some Lesser Known Aspects of Forensic Paint Examinations," and "A Microanalytical Approach to Forensic Glass Analysis." Read More

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